Report DISAT-UOIS n.2 - Identificazione di modelli per un telaio tridimensionale con controventi semi-attivi

Alessandro Contento, Vincenzo Gattulli, Marco Lepidi, Francesco Potenza


In the present study different models for the dynamics of a three-dimensional prototype two-floor steel frame are presented. The steel frame is designed to represent a 2:3 scaled experimental mock-up, used to evaluate the effectiveness of a semi-active control strategy based on the use of MR dampers as a brace-system. Based on the exact geometry of the frame, two analytical models are formulated: the first one presents the classical share-type hypotheses of motion, while the second one, by means of a Guyan reduction procedure, takes into account the flexibility of the column-beam nodes without increasing the number of global degrees of freedom. In order to evaluate the influence of different element flexibilities, neglected in the analytical models, different numerical finite element models are also considered. A detailed comparison of the results shows that the second analytical model allows an effective description of the frame modal properties. Thus this model is properly selected to verify the frequencies sensitivity with respect to the mass distribution on each floor, and it is also updated to account for the presence of semi-active MR bracers

04 Maggio 2013
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