Sperimentazione, modellazione e monitoraggio di strutture complesse in muratura colpite dal sisma Aquilano

V. Gattulli, D. Galeota


As a result of the 6th of April 2009 catastrophic earthquake, the city of L’Aquila, and particularly its historical centre, is currently the objective of a long-term reconstruction path. In this context, several research steps have been carried out to investigate on the seismic behaviour of ancient construction, having the role of monuments for the city, in order to define technologies for sustainable reconstruction integrated by seismic risk mitigation. The present work summarizes the results obtained in different specific topics. Starting form a brief analysis of the peculiar context and on the role played by a multidisciplinary approach to the problem, guidelines for step-by-step logic actions, followed to reach the goal of the seismic enhancement of the structural behaviour of the L’Aquila monuments, are presented. Within the presented framework, the following items are then discussed: the relevant results derived by damage relief, in some cases accurately obtained by laser- scanner technology; the obtained results with different testing techniques in order to characterize the masonry structure and its components; the role played by structural analysis and computational modelling; the seismic retrofitting techniques and finally the main features of installed structural health monitoring systems.

04 Maggio 2013
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